Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Me and "T-Crew"

In 2007, I remember watching Tom Cruise on TV ranting at Matt Lauer about the evils of psychiatric drugs, and the lies about mental health.

I was so upset I had to take an Ativan.

Before that, Tom and I were buddies. I would call him "T-Crew," and he would call me "Restraining Order."

So after the TV rant, I sat down and wrote him a fan letter:

Dear Mr. Cruise,

I admire you very much! I hope one day to be a great Scientist like you!!!

If it is not a big deal I would love to have a picture of you. I will put it on my wall and every day I will look at it and say to myself - YOU CAN DO IT!!! TOM CRUISE DID!!!

Thanks every so much!!!

Your biggest Canadian,

Mr. D. Stainton

This is what I received in the mail:


If somebody's life is threatened by an illness, they have the right to use any means necessary to stay alive. Including taking medication prescribed by a specialist.

So thank you Tom Cruise and others like you for perpetuating the myth that mental illness is a weakness that should be fixed by improving one's character, and not by taking medicine.

You, sir, have guaranteed that the mentally ill people amongst your family and friends (and statistically there have to be some), will either not seek treatment; will avoid you; or will be filled with shame. It could even be one of your kids.

 Sorry, T-Crew, the happy times are over. I will not watch any more of your movies.

(Except maybe Top Gun - that has a cool soundtrack.)

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