Monday, August 20, 2012

Hypergraphia - When I Applied to Volunteer at the Olympics

During preparation for the Winter Olympics in 2010, I decided to apply to become a volunteer. Here is the ensuing correspondence:

Here is the art I created (I thought it was pretty good):

...and here is the lovely reply I received from the organizing committee:

I have written the IOC to see if they will create a new sport called "Biathabob" - where bobsledders race down the course, while the person in the rear shoots at targets. Fingers crossed!

Mental Note: Ideas are healthy. Not all are good. Esecially when you are manic.


Reanna said...

Biathabob! D'Arcy, you should check out this post at Dogs On Drugs about the Olympics...

Greg is freaking hysterical.

D'Arcy said...

Thanks, Reanna! I'll check this out. :)