Friday, August 17, 2012

Hypergraphia - Middlewalks

Since the medication still hasn't kicked in this morning and I am very hypomanic, here is a second post. It's a letter I wrote to the Premier of British Columbia with an idea for our roads:

Dear Mr. Campbell,

I have an idea! I live in vancouver with Mr. Sullivan our mayor. I have been thinging about his Eco Dense City ideas, and I have an idea that the WHOLE PROVENCE should think about!!!

I was walking today and I looked down and guess what? I was walking on a sidewalk! I started thinkin. There are 2 SIDES to everything. This means two SIDEwalks for every road! But you know what there is only 1 of??? A MIDDLE!!!

Can you please change our roads so that they have a MIDDLEwalk only? If people just walked in a special lane in the middle of our roads then there would be no more need for SIDEwalks! Cement and space would be saved!!!

It is up to you now!!! Please write me back and let me know if I can send you my plans!!! I will help in any way that I can to save space and make things more dense!!!

I will look forward every day to your letter!!!

Your friend,

Mr. D. Stainton


Reanna said...

Wow, since when does the government care if citizens and businesses are inconvenienced?

That said, it's a pretty big achievement to get a response at all. I still can't get Guinness World Records to tell me if using Rogaine to grow nipple hair is cheating.

D'Arcy said...

Keep trying! I am using fertilizer and WD-40. Fingers crossed!

Reanna said...

That's gotta be cheating for sure!