Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hypergraphia - Goodyear Tire

Here is some more correspondence, from a long night of writing strange things while hypomanic.

Dear Goodyear Tire,

I have some ideas that I think would be greeat for your company. I am a big fan of your work with tires (my first tire swing was a Goodyear!). I would be honored if you wrote me back to collaborate on my ideas!

My first idea is to fill things that normally fill with air with SOMETHING ELSE. I think that tires could be filled with FOAM (like shaving cream, only harder). This way they would never go flat! I think there would be a good market for bicycles, balloons, and maybe even the army. I have started experiments with shaving cream mixed with crazy glue. I would be pleased to send you my results!

My second idea is to save energy! I see that the Goodyear blimp is propelled by a propeller. What about filling the balloon that holds the advertising with helium? This would make it LIGHTER THAN AIR - much like a balloon! I have drawn plans and made calculations and would also be pleased to send them to you!

Let me know if you would like to collaborate. I would be proud to work with Goodyear!!!

Yours truly,

Mr. D. Stainton


Re: "Tire Idea and Ideas to Save Energy"

Dear Mr. Stainton:

Thank you for your correspondence regarding the above subject.

Your first idea relates to filling a tire with foam. there currently exist a number of variations this idea. I suggest you visit and perhaps search your idea.

Goodyear blimps are currently filled with helium.

We wish you luck in your scientific endeavors and thank you for your interest in Goodyear.


Bruce J. Hendricks
Associate General Counsel
Intellectual Property Law

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