Sunday, September 16, 2012

Call Out for Stories

One message I hear again and again is "Thanks for being so open. I didn't know that there were other people like me." Guess what - there's a lot.

I would love to publish some other people's experiences with mental illness. I have been swamped with messages talking about diagnoses of OCD, anxiety, schizophrenia - and these are all important stories for people to hear.

Please send them to me anonymously at No names will be published, unless you wish your first name to be used. (I want to protect against malicious character assassination attempts). Anonymity is the key word, here! Submissions can be as short as a few sentences, or as long as a page. I will edit where edits need to be made, but otherwise they will be published as-is as guest blog entries.

If you are worried about me having your e-mail address, please go to gmail or hotmail and make a special one, and send me your story that way.

Thanks! About 2,000 people a week see this blog - I'm hoping there will be one or two stories!


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