Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Marble Race

Hooray! The marble race works. The toughest part was the marble elevator, but it works now.

The kids love it.

I am still hypomanic, and probably will be for several days now. I will be highly productive, and require very little sleep. Last night I managed two and a half hours.

People think that this would make me tired. It doesn't. I am full of energy. The hardest part for me is holding back. I have ideas for all sorts of projects. I want to clean the entire house. I want to bake some bread.

Instead, I will get a reasonable amount of exercise and try to take a nap. My body still needs rest, even if I feel it doesn't. I will fight the urge to start huge projects (that marble race consumed a lot of time, energy and duct tape), and try to slow myself down. Deep breathing, classical music, and meditation should help.

Just like people with depression, there are some people (much fewer) that have hypomania almost all the time. I think Thomas Edison was probably one - he apparently got by on naps, and worked almost all the time. He behaved in a grandiose manner, and was supremely confident.

So, like the marble race that whizzes down the staircase of our home, my mind is zipping along, turning corners, making sharp changes in direction.

It feels really good to be like this - but my goal today is to slow down my brain.

If I post something else today about a big plan (like making a boat out of pop cans and garbage bags?), send me a comment telling me to stop, okay?


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