Wednesday, September 19, 2012


No, I’m not referring to Derek Zoolander’s iconic runway look.

“Ferrari” is the analogy that a psychiatrist used to describe bipolar disorder to me and my wife.

“Look – Ferraris are high performance vehicles. But they break down a lot – they’re temperamental. Think of yourself as a high end sports car – you run great a lot of the time, in fact better than most people, but then you either go too fast and crash or your engine conks out.”

I was thinking about that late last night as I tore down and rebuilt the marble chase from scratch. The old one worked about 10% of the time. The new one is sturdier, and I’ve incorporated changes from what I’ve learned, and it works 80% of the time (the elevator works 100% of the time – yay!).

Small changes upset the balance of the whole system. Even a few millimetres out from some loosened tape means I lose my marbles.

If I’m a Ferrari, then I have to keep my engine in good shape, to avoid breakdowns.

If I’m a marble chase, I need to be maintained with the strongest tape and glue, and to be mindful of my balance at all times.

So today I am eating five small meals. I got out for some exercise. And I am going to have a nap.

This maintenance should help me keep my marbles.

(If you’ve read my other post on marbles, this one will sound confusing. Just go with it.)

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